Checking in “How are you doing?” My professor asked the class and I thought she must not want an honest answer. People don’t want to share their struggles. For one reason or another we are not comfortable doing so. One reason is that we know that many of us just don’t want to hear it. Another is that we don’t want to seem like we can’t handle things. So the politically correct response is, “Fine”. I believe most of us are not fine. We are just doing what we gotta do, and we have many ‘fine’ moments in between our daily struggles. It is those moments that propel us through life. I need more of the fine moments now. I did what I said I would do. I took care of momma until she didn’t need me anymore. It hurts like hell to be in a world where she no longer lives and I know now 2 years after she died that I will mourn her forever. I need to go somewhere and find my own way. Are you ok?