Good morning! Well it’s morning as I am typing these words. It’s January 5, 2023 8:54 am Pacific Standard my time. Westside! (In my best O’Shea Jackson impersonation) 😬😬

I am going to be Checking in on y’all cause I know that whoever you are you can relate to the issues of life! You know what I am realizing? Humanity is composed of male and female members who are built identically and somehow as an individual person we can be so incredibly diverse. Again, the issues of life are the same. 

Life is birth, living and dying. 

Born with a wealth that capital cannot purchase. Healthy with almost zero mileage on our fleshy heart that will beat continuously and consistently (hopefully) until we are passed the second phase of living and entering into the final frontier of dying…

I’m 52 years old and I will tell you youngsters something you will soon learn…every day IS a gift and we should not waste the present allowing the regrets of the past to taint the breathing of today. 

Oh yeah that newborn babies lungs are barely used in the first few moments of life. Some babies need a little smack to start em up! Lol! My mind wonders if that energy is on the other side of the portal hesitating?! I imagine that beautiful soul saying to itself, “Do not forget that this is only a journey on earth. It is not your final destination. Earth is full of tests that aid the spirit in the discovery of its own gifts and talents. Do not fear the transitions into and out of this life.” 

My thoughts on my life today…I am sad. Heartbroken over the loss of loved ones in my world. Some have transitioned from earth and some live and breathe, but force me to grieve them as well. As you live here on earth and the years pass you mull over the past and devote quiet moments to your mortality. Momma was 85, how long do I have? Who else must I mourn before I transition? What else can I do here? I must have more to do because I am still here?