I’m going to make more of an effort from this day on to check in with myself. I’m thinking about the best way of going about it. No time like the present to go ahead and begin. So it’s December 4, how am I doing? Well from what I can tell I am doing pretty good. Although, I have this cracking noise coming from my neck quite often and it’s kinda freaking me out. I have this cough in the deep part of my lungs. I’m thinking of going to the gym everyday but have yet to pull into the parking lot. I got up a couple days ago and followed along with a Yoga with adriene video and discovered how tight my hamstrings are! It is painfully obvious that I am not having sex! Lol. Oh well I don’t want to knowingly consort with a man who lies to me! I’m talking obvious lies and not my imagination either! This fool calls me and talks about how he thought we was in a relationship last year and he was in love with me! SMH! We both know as well as my friend who was walking beside me while he told me last year how he didn’t want a relationship! How he just wanted to have fun with me! Negro please?! I got off the phone initially smiling because I was happy to hear that I was wanted. A day or two later I blocked him. I had to decide if I wanted to be lied to or not. I decided against it. I mean like how tall will the tales get? Will I know if I am safe to ride in a vehicle with him? Or will he drive me to a deserted place and collect money for selling my dumb ass to a sex trafficker? I guess maybe my mind is being overly active but this type of stuff happens all the time! I would rather be able to rely on the people around me for my safety. People that I don’t need to question. Check out this bitch! Ttyl