Just when you think you got it figured out you learn how much you don’t got figured. People are finicky. One day I am tha shit! The next day nobody knows I’m alive! I realized a long time ago that I am never alone in whatever I’m going through! Someone else somewhere else is fighting the same battle. So here I am dealing with the consequences of my choices and I feel some kinda way. Ya know? I find it hard to carry a grudge. It was never my thing. Shit no one is perfect. No one gets it right all the time so what I look like staying mad about it? Now if you do some really lame shit I have to leave you alone. It’s not a grudge it’s an investment in my future. I deposit what and or who pours into me. I withdraw from the leakages! IYKYK! Choose to be content. If you can’t be content then you must find what you need to be there. Choose to love. Contrary to popular belief you don’t “fall” in love. You choose to direct your love that way. I don’t want to fall anywhere into anything! I want to meet someone who chooses to love me without an agenda. Choose to live in such a way that you inspire others . Food for thought…life is what you make it and you have a choice.