So I’m in a window seat on this flight to LAX. It’s a small plane. My neighbor in seat 5B has a pet stowed away in a duffel bag. A pet carrier. This damn dog is inside this bag scratching away! Ugh! Why must I always get put next to somebody on some bullshit?! SMH! This dog doesn’t like this bag! It sounds like the banker in Shawshank scratching at the wall tunneling himself out! At least it’s not a long flight. I hope he calms down but I doubt it. Oh well here we go for take off! Wouldn’t surprise if the little guy gets even more excited once we’re in the air. I’m looking forward to being in Las Vegas and on the ground. I don’t care to be high in the sky and at the mercy of gravity! These smaller planes are just like smaller cars! You feel everything better! 

I know that I been slacking keeping up with you. My bad bro! Let’s start over I’m Bart! LOL Oh nevermind that! Just a line from one of my favorites! How high starring Method Man and Redman! 

Wow! We are way up here! Luckily the noise on the plane is drowning out the scratching somewhat. A childhood friend reminded me about my blog. He mentioned that he didn’t want me referring to him in my stories! Too bad sir! My life is my material! If you’re in it you just might get a cameo. I think we’re over the water. It looks super dark below! Yep! I called it! This damn dog is still going at it! SMH We’re descending and I can feel it. Almost there! Fingers crossed we land safely. OMGEE I smell dog poop! Ugh!