I realize that time is an ongoing thing. January first is just a day that follows December thirty first. The new year 2022 is not a separate entity from 2021. It’s just another block of 365 days, 52 weeks, or 12 months however you want to look at it. I woke up this morning on January 1, 2022 thinking about momma saying, as she was dying, that she was tired of being alone. I remembered all the time I spent away from her, and how she was alone a lot. I didn’t mean to leave her alone so much. I just didn’t realize that it was that way. I didn’t deliberately try to make her lonely. I just didn’t think about what she was doing in her house with no car and no one else looking after her. As I think about that my mind goes to my own daughter and how she feels about me. How she feels like I wasn’t there for her, and she refuses to talk to me, or come around me. Only thinking of herself and her feelings…not realizing that she is repaying me with my karma and leaving me alone. Just like me she’s thinking that she is right to do what she is doing. Her life is hers, and she feels like she is doing right by her children. I don’t fault her, because now that I am in my mother’s shoes I understand. I hope that she doesn’t hurt like me. 

Now that I am fully awake I am thinking about what I want to do with this new block of 365 days. I want a catalog of the things that I want to accomplish this year 2022. 

2022 aspirations: 

  1. Listen to the daily audio Bible everyday 
  2. Journal my health and fitness journey the whole 365 days 
  3. Read 50 books 
  4. Learn a new skill
  5. Learn to be alone (self sufficient)
  6. Complete Couch 2 5K training
  7. Be consistent in all of the above

I believe that I can do this for this year. I hate that I have not done so in the past. It seems like such a small task to be consistent. Why is that? What do you want to do with this new year?