I wonder how many of us are just barely pushing through each day? 

Like a homeless person weighed down with emotional stuff carrying everything they own with them everywhere they go. 

It’s surely a rough thing to choke down the bubbling up of the pain of regret each day. 

The news is full of stories about things that happen with people who don’t feel they have a choice. 

Or maybe feeling like they don’t have a voice or no one is listening or nobody cares. 

School shootings are becoming more common and nobody seems to care what is going on with these kids!

Bullying is not only face to face but now even in virtual reality! 

I was bullied in elementary school in the 70’s and I got a break once I was home! 

In 2021 our kids are so connected to social media that they don’t get to break away…

Homelessness is an epidemic that is getting worse and as I watched an interview of a tenant of skid row the fear rose up in me.

I don’t have a home of my own. I live with my daughter. 

Should she decide that she no longer wants to house me where would I go? I no longer make the income I used to enjoy and the cost of living is growing every year. 

These are the thoughts on my mind at 1:45 am when I cannot sleep…