Weekends are the worst when you are dealing with someone who is in a relationship. I know you might say, “That’s your own fault! Get your own person!” Well you might be right but what if you’re not? What if he was mine first? What if we were going through a rough patch and she came along? Then what would you say? 

One thing is for sure you can’t make a sound decision without the details. I have been contemplating it a lot and all IS fair in love and war! If you come in the middle of an unfinished relationship you cannot get mad when it blows up in your face!! I’m just saying! 

To be honest I don’t want to be a “I can’t wait til the weekends over so we can talk” dummy. I will choose to talk to the one who picks up any day of the week. I don’t have much to talk about but we can show an interest in each other’s company. That’s a good feeling! Better than waiting until he’s no longer supervised! Gone ahead and relax Boo! I’m not going to let it drag on out! I’m looking for clear and concise communication. Enjoy your weekends. I will enjoy mine.