There’s a series on Netflix called “Maid”. I watched the first episode on Friday and went to work. I’ve been binging it today (Saturday) and it’s an emotional rollercoaster. The issues of life to the extreme flood each episode. I imagine the actress portraying the main character Alex had to have had some turmoil getting into character. Hell! I had turmoil watching the show! If I tried to describe the premise of the show I fear it would take me too long. Too much time. Too many words.  So much drama. So much pain. I’d like to say that it reminds me of my life because of all the crap she goes through. My pain and heartache would like to be chummy with Alex and compare notes about our messed up lives! Oh the tears we’d cry! The laughter we’d share over the craziness of our lives! 

But no! Alex and I won’t bond over our similar circumstances because her life is downright hard! I mean I have had a lot of bumps in the road and some really dark moments when I wasn’t sure if I would make it through but I always had someone in my corner. Alex did not. Well not exactly because she has a mom but Paula (her mom) is as nutty as a fruitcake! Paula is either really happy and excited or nearly catatonic every time Alex finds her, so she is not reliable. My momma was always there for me. Once again, I am reminded of the loss of my best friend…RIP Momma