I slept in until 9am! That is very odd for me…typically I wake up around 3am. This new medication combined with my blood pressure medication knocks me on my ass! Lol! Well, I do have some catching up to do after years of waking all through the night taking care of momma, struggling with insomnia and all that. 

I wanted to share my thoughts on depression, thoughts of suicide and dealing with the craziness in the news of all that is going on in this mad world we are living in…If you are feeling like you can’t seem to get from under this dark cloud of depression… please know that you are not alone! It’s a rough life for the majority of us. I know that it seems that others are not struggling like you do but I say that they either hide it better or they cope with it better. Even those people who seem to have it all still deal with the necessities of life. 

Yesterday I woke up feeling really down. I reached out to a beautiful cousin of mine who loves me and refuses to coddle me! Lol. I told her how I was feeling and she recommended therapy! I felt hurt at first, like why can’t you be my therapist? I know that she is there for me and I also know that she’s got her own struggles, so I took her therapeutic advice and went to the gym! If you can’t go to the gym take a walk, or get on the floor and do some crunches or push ups! Get those endorphins going and you will feel better just like me! More later but for now enjoy another rotation of the sun!