Ugh! I know that I’m traumatized! I get all bent out of shape when someone hits on me. Should I be flattered by a bunch of meaningless words? I Should be grateful that you’re impressed by my appearance? It’s love at first sight huh? Oh and am I being bitchy at the idea of a perfect stranger pouring out their feelings to me? Maybe they do mean everything they’re saying and maybe they believe it huh? Can you say “trigger”? Love defined is a feeling of deep affection. Affection is a positive feeling or liking. I don’t know this love.

I don’t know positive feelings or liking me without a hidden agenda. That agenda being one that benefits them and drains me. Nah I’m good thanks. I don’t want something that you want to give me because you find my genetic makeup attractive. It means nothing to me to receive accolades for something that I had nothing to do with! No. Nope. Nah uh! No thanks!

Can you see me? You see what they’ve done? They took something wonderful and made it ugly. Something that should be a saving grace is a savage thing! It’s so easy to say the word love. So foreign a concept to truly comprehend. I’m offended for love. How dare you throw that around as if it’s that easy to find. Silver and Gold is easier to find than love! The kind that builds and fortifies the spirit is not given out so easily. It should be but it’s not!