Today is May 30, 2021 and I am sitting on a beautiful deck/porch in LaRue Texas. The Memorial Day weekend is one event where this family comes from all over the surrounding area to eat and celebrate each other. Within 100 yards of each other are 3 homes in which some the elders in the family live. It’s a densely wooded area and unlike anything a California city girl like me has ever seen. The younger members who come in from the Dallas area range in ages from 3 years to 60 somethings from what I can tell.

I’m amazed at the familial connections I witness between everyone. It’s as if they all live under one roof! The home with the deck belongs to the whole family and Uncle TK, as he is called lives and manages the house all year. We (my brother sister in law and I) stayed the night in one of the bedrooms. When I woke up this morning it was a crazy sight for me to see!

Walking through the home from the bedroom to the front door sleeping bodies in the recliners, on the chairs and sprinkled all about the floor were members of the family. I haven’t ever seen such a sight! I’m in awe at the beautiful solidarity of this family! I don’t envy much but I envy this.

Love in it’s purest form provides the glue that keeps these family members coming back to commune again and again. It’s a beautiful thing. My heart is moved and I am sad to realize the sad and broken state of my own kin.