I now have this new zest for life!

So much so that it seems to come off way thirsty Ive realized lately so,

I thought it better to retreat to my introspection

I know that I am a weird one and Im ok with that

As long as doing what suits me

with little regard to those who would try

to judge me while having their dirt too doesnt bother me匈 can live with it

We met at a pivotal point in my life

As I was licking my wounds from the hurt I suffered

You told me that he was an idiot

You told me that I was too substantial for a dating site

In the darkness you spoke life into my ear

Regardless of your intent

Whether it was gassing me up with an agenda or not

Those words I believed and I felt like you were my friend

Granted a friend that had inappropriate thoughts about me! Lol

I didnt do anything to discourage it either! Why tf would I do that? Lol

Please allow me to meet the brilliant mind that is you someday, no rush really!! in person

I promise you I wont harass you for sex!

Seriously Im ALL bark and zero bite 鴾佗賤儭

Honestly 50 is feeling like that being by myself is the key to happiness