Spring semester has begun and I am thinking that this is doable! I can care for my very sick bed bound 83 year old momma with all her ailments…complete 9 units of upper division coursework and work a job all with a constant headache! It is midnight right now and I just finished changing her wet diaper. She barely helped at all so I had to roll her to both sides more than two times. All she offered was “Oh!” SMH!

I had the appointment with the neurologist yesterday and it turns out that my seven month old headache is not migraines at all but muscle spasms in my neck! The word spasm never really made me feel bad because the way that this feels I don’t think that I ever had one!

In the office yesterday during the exam my doctor feels my neck. While he is walking his fingers up the side of my neck he repeatedly ask, “Does that hurt?” Each finger step seems to be deeper in depth, and strength! “Oh, oh, ouch!” I don’t think you are having migraines” he says “The muscles in your neck feel like ropes” he tells me and I can see how that could translate into the nasty friend of a headache that has been with me since July. So it’s not immitrex I need, but a massage doc! “Well we all need massages he says!” But seriously, that would help he says.

“Stop taking the Immitrex it could be causing damage and I am going to give you a muscle relaxer” doctor said. All I could think was, “When and where in my schedule am I supposed to fit in two medically induced naps?” Stay tuned for the saga of the east side Super woman! Lawd have mercy on me!