Tuesday January 19, 2020 6:29 am

It’s been a solid 4 days now with momma back home from the nightmare of a Covid19 restricted nursing home. They kept her bottom clean and free of diaper rash but her feet were rotted with diabetic ulcerations. Why does it seem that pain visits you the most in the twilight? My son (who sleeps in the room adjacent to momma) told me that she keeps him awake constantly moaning most of the night.

I feel bad but there’s really nothing I can do! I offered her cannabis infused brownies but she’s from the generation of people who were taught that weed was in the same class as heroin! SMH! So, rather than being a druggie, she lays in bed and cries out from pain all night. I know those ulcers are damn painful because momma has suffered a lot that I have seen in my life and she is not dramatic!! Diabetes is a bad thing. I’m more scared to develop diabetes than I am of contracting Covid19 from her!

Well, today is anyones guess! For additional fun momma lost her pick line some time during the night! The nurse is coming today so I’m supposing that she will fix that!

I’m hoping that she gets up and gets in her chair and sits up for most of the day again.

I started using a planner yesterday. I been thinking a lot about school because it’s starting on January 25th. I am enrolled in 9 units! 2 of them are writing courses which means a lot reading!

Photo by Dzenina Lukac on Pexels.com

Mindset this semester is to work ahead of schedule. As soon as I get my syllabus I am going to work! I don’t want school to be another source of stress. I’d rather it a source of encouragement. There will be life after momma needing me so much. I’m supposed to behave as such and prepare right?

Now with help I can get back to the gym. I’m looking forward to the feeling of stress being pushed out of my body and into the air by way of my lungs!!