Just put momma back to bed. I woke up around 4 am  as per usual. So my immediate thoughts were about momma sleeping all night and that was a good thing, but also bad. You see there’s nothing wrong with her bladder or kidneys so she is sure to have soaked her diaper by now.

I get up and turn on the lights and begin my first full nursing/daughter day by smoking and drinking some coffee. I watched Kathleen Lights January “ boxy sharm unboxing” as only she can say it! Scrub and mask up and go into mommas room. The wall plug in air purifier I got her yesterday is humming and she is not under her covers. I guess she was already waking up too because she looked back at me when I entered the room. We exchange good mornings and I start to undress her. She’s soaked and says that she’s too weak to stand. Ok momma I will clean you up in the bed. Momma has a fungal infection in her groin area and under her breasts. Her diabetic blood sugar feeds encourages yeast to grow there. So I must bathe her and apply anti fungal ointment.

So I got her all washed up oiled up with a dry diaper and I very calmly as sweet as I possibly could…please don’t be offended because I only speak what my heart is begging to know…Momma, do you like living this way?

She answers “I don’t know!” Mmmm? What kind of answer is that? I’m not satisfied with this and I will continue to ask the question because I am desperate for an answer…