What do you do in a similar experience? I mean it’s 3 years later and I’m in my momma house nursing her back to health. There’s a big difference this time…add COVID-19 to the picture loaded with coughs, sneezes and hacking and you’ll have a glimpse into my world. This time you’re a familiar experience as well.

I am convinced that spiritual ties do exist because I lived outside of this place and was able to do so without all the bondage. After realizing this, it is was only right that I examined my situation further.

I been doing some soul searching and getting things in order…pondering the statement that was made about me ‘Having issues’, indeed I do! The greatest thing I can do is take note, do self evaluation and proceed with the re invention of self… I can begin again as a student in life this time and avoid the victim mentality all together now. My issue before? Why does everything and everyone disappoint me? My answer to my 3 years younger self is that well…how do I say this to you delicately? YOU EXPECT! It’s better instead accept what is…2017 Salt would say, “Woe is me, what happened to me in the past and 2021 Pheenix says Rise out of the ashes! You’re better because of those things❗️

Love is NOT something that you look outside of yourself for…You are endowed with it before birth. It doesn’t reside in your flesh. Your flesh hates you. Every day that life source within you that is intent to live forever pushes your fastly decaying flesh to die. Craving dangerous things that are tasty, pleasing and ultimately gratifying for the flesh and while they give rot to the core.

Sugar is my biggest enemy! I love fat too though! I know the swine is a nasty ass beast but bacon is GOOD! 襤 But I digress…

Back to the sounding off about this repeating exam that I will ace this time because I now realize that time is not your friend. Don’t miscount one second of it! You may live to regret.