I’m back at it again with my mom and attempting to care for her in her home. I’m overwhelmed and ill equipped to do so alone. I have my son to do the heavy lifting but she is a sick old lady.
On top of the sickness she and I are constantly on this push and pull thing between us. Momma been fighting me all my life. Trying mainly to get me to listen. For one reason or another we learned to stay in this loop of antagonism. While I was growing up she would try to teach me basic things like why you leave the butt ends of the bread in the loaf until you’ve consumed the entire loaf. The two ends keep the bread in the center from drying out as fast. Do you know how old I was when I stopped to listen long enough to her to learn that?!! I was 49! 🤦
Caring for my aging sickly 83 year old diabetic mother is a lesson in listening for me. I’m going to make a pretty canvas print with the words “Just listen ” and one that reads “Be kind” to hang on the wall in her room.

This is what life is about for me. At 50 years old I am tasked with loving my mother by caring for her as she can no longer care for herself. The nursing home that she was in was neglecting to treat the wounds on her feet. I would rather have her in a place where she can have 24 hour care but because of Covid19 restrictions I was not able to advocate for her care in person. It’s a sad thing but the people who work in the nursing homes sometimes don’t do the best job of caring for the patients. I’m sure they are overwhelmed and it’s hard work but my mom could lose her feet if the ulcerative infection reaches the bone.
So she’s home with me now and I’m responsible for her care. Wish me luck with the toughest but most rewarding job of my life.