Hey lover! It’s nice to meet you

Where have you been it seems…

As if I knew you way before today

And just now we’ve reconvened

Conversing with you is such smooth sailing

Gotta to pinch to see if you’re real

I’m digging your mind, much like mine

Got me, like D’Angelo

… just how does it feel?

Dialogues that we have…

deep waters we tread

Not knowing one another too well

Inspiration within…inducing dreams akin… to

Coming together… to tell

of the folly we had  

Amongst the strangers we met

On this road and yet,  no luck

Most not having a clue

As to what is true

Or even to know what’s what

It does my heart good to finally meet someone who

Feels like dope to my frontal lobe

I’m loving this high, recognizing that I

Could become addicted… I hope 爛