Since 1991 I have been, for the majority of that time in a committed monogamous relationship raising children. In 2017 that changed when I decided that I didn’t want to live in misery anymore. I don’t mean to imply that the entire 28 years was miserable. That was the last decade or so mostly.

Now 2020 has really been an eye opener for me and the way that I have been living my life. I used to feel so guilty when I would choose to do something that I know my mom taught me wasn’t ‘lady like’. I been hard on myself for what the world doesn’t even classify as a misdemeanor! Nowadays folks is committing serious relationship felonies! I mean, how do you call yourself looking for real love and your criteria for a possible suitor has nothing to do with love? Money, looks and property are great, but they don’t make a difference in what a person is worth. If materialism is your focus you can’t expect depth, authenticity or traits that ensure any longevity in a good relationship. I have already had some crazy experiences this year! The type that most experience in their twenties and I was getting a bit discouraged. Feeling like I am simply a dying breed and I should accept that I will live out the rest of my life alone. Before I completely give in to that I decided to give ‘Plenty of fish’ a try.

Wow! The depravity of what seems to be the general population is astounding! I didn’t post a picture at first because I figure the most superficial clowns would be weeded out immediately! It didn’t occur to me that some would still get at me with “Hey beautiful!” Smh! Fool! How you know I am beautiful? Just jump out the gate being deceitful! Ok thanks for putting me on your game upfront. Delete!

Who’s next? I got one straight out offering me oral stimulation! Huh?! My first thought was ‘How many others have you offered your mouth to and how many have accepted? Yuck! No thanks! I may as well use a public park bathroom and drag my labial mucosa across the dirty porcelain ring under the seat!

Next! I get a couple of suitors who don’t come off as creepy as fast, but after 2 or 3 messages back and forth I see they’re not gonna be anything I’m interested in pursuing. I pick up on fake shit pretty quickly. I can’t deal with that! It’s a waste of time. I decided to pst a picture and omg! Now I’m a freaking celebrity the way the notifications are going off! Out of coming across probably 50 men, one seems to be real. His appearance is not extraordinary in any way. Which is fine with me because looks never really mattered that much to me. If he could make me laugh he could get my attention.

After a couple of conversations my hope in humanity is restored and I hid my plenty of fish profile. I don’t have any expectations of this encounter but to make a new friend, and let that lead me into tomorrow. It’s sad the world we are living in where fame and fortune are the dreams of most when most wouldn’t lend a hand to help you unless they are benefiting somehow. Being famous puts your life on display for the world to praise you when you are relevant and dog you with every mistake you make once you’re no longer the hot commodity you were. No one cares for you because they don’t know you but you cannot go anywhere without someone chasing you down.

Fortune doesn’t seem to do any better job of fulfilling your life. Yes, you can buy whatever you want. Go wherever you want whenever you want but it seems the richest folks got crazy issues! Epstein, Weinstein and plenty others pay for, or take what they want from others trying to fill a void inside themselves. They have so much ‘stuff’ perhaps they don’t recognize the void? 🤷🏽‍♀️

My advice for dating these days. Get plenty of rest! You’re gonna need it cause these folks is cray cray! Also, don’t get your hopes up for finding a good match too quickly. Not if you’re looking for realness. 🤦🏽‍♀️