Spent most of my adult life

Wondering what it means and why

those words that you utter

sound an octave lower than you normally speak and,

I cannot help but shutter,

at the thought of how

It Sounds deceptive to me honestly, but I digress

Reminiscing on how your sex feels

Erotic thoughts going through my head

With you It’s a dangerous game for me To play

knowing just what you mean

“I’m selfish when it comes to you”

Your self…help yourself… to me it seems

The pleasure you seek for with use of my body

With no offers to give, but the loneliness

That you leave behind after sharing my personal space

Love is what you do and not what you say

This much I know to be real

A different definition for everyone

Obligatory to some, freedom to others

But do you know what it was to me?

Acceptance, adoration and a craving within

That pulls you to me, only wanting me but then

It’s only a fantasy for me with you, and this game won’t ever end

Dedicated to His Royal Badness