Now I know beauty can lay within the most cunning of sorts.

Such charm. Such ambience. Such an illusion of soulish depth.

At the tip was a poison so sweet.

You don’t know what has happened until it’s done, and then it comes…that metallic taste that follows behind the dosage.

At first it’s the euphorias followed by the ease into a slumber

How deep will I sleep?

Will I know when I am touched?

Will my mind recall my body’s intrusion of another?

Now wait and see the roller coaster ride that waits ahead.

You wanna be a big girl? Is that what it’s about? Being a slave to another? Abused and given over to die? I knew it was coming and ignored the signs.

It just didn’t make sense in my head. 臘‍♀️

That a person would participate in the abduction of another

With the knowledge of the intention to abuse and to traffic this chattel

They never saw my humanity only my marketability

I believed that I was ok, even when my gut screamed “Go!”

It’s a real thing that’s been happening since the dawn of man

Some are the predators and some are the prey

I will not stay here…I will find my way home

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