Sudden bereavement (A new term and condition for me)
There were a lot of people at the park yesterday and many like me close to the 14 year old drowning victim. I saw them performing CPR. I saw that look of disbelief and fear in the eyes of her loved ones. I felt helpless to do anything and then I saw people beginning to get mad. “They weren’t doing CPR correctly!” And someone shouting out to folks “Stop filming this!” They appeared to be reaching out to snatch people’s phones away! I got scared and thought this can get bad fast so I prayed that God would intervene and keep it peaceful out there. As far as I know God answered my prayer. But I didn’t think I would feel the loss of that life because I didn’t know her, but I do. I’m hurting like I knew her personally although I don’t even know her name. For anyone who might not know it we can potentially bereave a stranger. Just because I didn’t know her doesn’t mean that I don’t realize 14 years is a short life. Smh. I remember being 14 years old! I pray for her family that they don’t take on unnecessary guilt for this tragedy. Don’t blame yourselves because if you knew it was going to happen you would have prevented it! We don’t see things coming while living life we are going along headed for the same end. Everyone of us, but we don’t know when or how so don’t waste a minute of it! Rest in heaven youngsta! I pray that you never knew what happened and you just woke up in heaven🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #heartbroken #yourlifemattered

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