Brotherly love

It’s June 8 2020 and I am moved to tears
Watching the news seeing the protests
Both far away and near
I hope that George Floyd can see from above
Though he died in the street like a dog
In the hearts of many
his memory is forever logged
The history of the US
Shows many that were
Murdered in the street in just the manner
and no one said a word
But the little boy that called for his momma begging for his life
Touched the hearts of mothers everywhere
All colors, including black and white
We didn’t know him but we know the bond
Almost every human shares
We all have a mother and/or someone who cared, for us
I’m scared for my grandchildren and what the future holds
I pray that world is unrecognizable to us for racism no one knows
My prayer for the community of future is that
they all work together to live
That no one profits from taking from another
And greed is punitive
Brotherly love is the currency we spend to build our homes there
People working together to better each other is my prayer

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