Black Man by Saltofthaearth

My love, please forgive my adoration
that drives me to paint new images of your beauty
gleaned from the scenes of my dreams of you
that inspire me to put words alongside side one another
in just the right way
in order to rightly convey
the beautiful square of your jawline
that frames the wonderful flesh of your lips
that spoke the sweetest of sentiments
and whispered to me the most lascivious suggestions
that I would do for you with no hesitation.
Forgive my loves evolution from selfish greed to
enlightened understanding that this love is to good to keep to myself.
You, black man, such a lovely experience
my wish is that your light be seen by the whole world.
Recognizing the light in you illuminated the light in me.
Your light shines bright as a diamond
reflecting every color of the spectrum!
You inspire me to sing with my πŸ–Š πŸ’œ

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