Mania in poetry

I have developed an appetite for you.
In realizing this I wondered how could it be?
That you have become a means of sustenance for me
Persistently in the forefront in mind although
The physicality of where you are may as well be a thousand miles or so
More away from me, than within my reach
Yet present you are so close I might hear you breathe
Under my skin, my consciousness swayed
Defining the impression just being you on me has made
You’re so good at what you do, using words with such skill
It moves me deep inside causing me such a thrill!
Can’t wait to feel your energy
Enter my system and flow though my veins
I identify so close with your frequency it pains
Me to do without you, something that I haven’t ever had
A connection I made and maybe its all on me
I don’t care about tomorrow, I live to be
Here in the moment with you and see what you got for me

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