Day Seven 30 Day prayer fast

img_482110/22/2019 8:04:52 AM

If we are talking real time this is day Nine, but I figure this fast is about more than being sure to meet each day with a spoken/written prayer. You see I have a problem like many, I find it hard to stay consistent. I have done plenty of diet and lifestyle kicks where you change how you spend your time, and the way you eat. Many of us start off with a ‘can do’ attitude and somewhere in between day 2 and day 10 we fall off and land back into our old habits. Now I am not given up my fast, but I will be real the entire 30 days (or so😉).
DAB talked about Paul’s beheading. The reading made me think about a person who commented on one of my Instagram posts. The post was a picture of a bed bug. The comment was “What is that?” I commented, “That is the deadly pestilence spoken of in Psalm 91” Her response was, “Well I’m not religious, so how would I know that?” I wondered about how crazy that comment seemed to me. Seriously, you are saying that you must be religious to read the bible? So, when I took a philosophy course, and we studied different religions. I was assigned different passages to read like, The twin verses, and The Iliad of Homer. Reading those passages neither made me a Buddhist nor philosopher. I shake my head at the ignorance of some folks.
Father I thank You for Your consistency. You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow You will be the same. Increase my faith God that I don’t waste one-minute worrying about things that only You can make happen. Forgive my missteps and I thank You for Your word that tells me that You will finish the good work that You started in me. Bless this day, and my family and friends. In Jesus name Amen.

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