Day Six-30 day prayer fast

October 19, 2019 7:41 pm

Saturday I love you so! The day to which I must do nothing‼️ As little as possible or clean the entire house but stay in your pjs all day! I napped on and off today with no guilt cause I gotta rest! Dealing with children requires endurance, so it’s back on my bike I gotta go ASAP! Today was I guess productive enough 😚 I am most grateful today to know whatever the plans He has in store for me I can and will have. I’m grateful for the motivation to keep striving for each day is an opportunity to learn something, or teach someone else. I get to choose what kind of day I have depending on how I choose to perceive the blessings in my life.

Taking care of my mom. No one really gets it unless the have done it. We have IV meds for nearly two months now. I try to keep it from looking like a hospital but the big foam box in the living room gives it away. 📣There’s a patient in here!📣

Momma says I just can’t get rested. I sigh and think to myself She’s getting more and more tired. 😞 What will I do without my mom? What’s next for me? It damn sure it isn’t being a salesman. Not insurance 🤦🏽‍♀‍ Ah! Sounds like Real Estate! Which I let my license go because I despise it that harshly! I don’t want to be able to do it at all. Ever. 🤦🏽‍♀‍ I will figure it out! I have to.

Father in the name of the Savior I thank you for my family. Each member is a blessing and I love them all. Have Your way in their lives, and mines. Give us an insatiable hunger for Your word that it would penetrate us deeply and drive out anything that is not of You. Illuminate the darkness and speak to it Your will. I thank you for preparing me for Your will and purpose for my life. Help me Father not to love the blessing more than You God. The balm that soothes my aching heart must be You! Heal my broken heart and let it live again. Let it consider love and companionship as well as compassion and respect. 💜

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