Day Five- 30 Day Prayer fast

10/18/2019 7:31:55 AM
It’s a Friday! Todays my second favorite day of the week! I love Fridays, but Saturday you’re my Boo😊 Yesterday was a tiring experience. I substituted for a kindergarten class! I was in charge of 25 five-year-old kids! I was nervous at first, but then when I started talking to them and learning their names I felt better. A five-year-old hasn’t learned much about hatred, and ugliness. Life is great as long as nothing is hurting them! Lord help me to have a kindred spirit to a five-year-old child in the sense that all is well and good. Todays bible reading didn’t stand out too much to me today. I may go over it again later in case I missed something in my getting ready for work. If you are not familiar with DAB, daily audio bible. Once the reading is done, they play recordings of people who have called in to pray, or ask for prayer. A man named Jason called in to encourage, and pray for another caller that he had heard previously. Jason voice trembled as he spoke, until finally he began to cry. But as he encouraged the previous caller he talked about his own life and how he was at one point hungry and homeless. The way he fought back tears and his voice quivered as he spoke, I thought about how I struggle the same way. I don’t try to be brave and struggle through each day anymore. Instead I choke back sorrow, and disappointment and just do what I got to do. There is no point in crying about things that I can’t fix right now. Things that take time teach us patience. Accepting that you may never have the life you saw for yourself makes it easier to embrace what you have. For all we know the life we imagined for ourselves could end up killing us!
I have a lot to say now at the end of the day, but because I taught 16 four-year-olds for 4.5 hours, and did all the rest that encompassed my tired. My body is tired. My eyes are tired. I love Saturday mornings. Especially the kind that I will have in just a few short hours! It is now7:34 pm and I am going rest my eyes. My prayer is one of gratitude for getting through and my mind and body seemingly sound. No phone calls to cry behind. No real news, which is good news. Amen.

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