Day One 30 day Prayer

10/14/2019 4:52:51 PM
My dearest,
I am not sure how to address you since I don’t know for certain who you are, or if I have even met you yet. For at least a month, maybe more I have had a prayer fast on my heart. Better said my spirit has been imploring me to begin a 30-day prayer fast for my husband.
At this point in my life I cannot imagine being married again, but I do trust that I won’t grow old lonesome unless its Gods will. I cannot accept that in my spirit. It doesn’t feel right, nor does it seem to fit. I cannot explain it any better than that.
Day one
Gracious Father You are an awesome and terrible force! Your throne reigns in majesty and You have All Power. Lord have Your way with me, and my dearest. We are Your son and daughter and we want to live a life pleasing to You. Help us to walk upright. Remove from us anything that hinders our spiritual growth. Even if that applies to one of us. If I am only to get in the way of Your will and purpose for him, I pray that You would remove me from his life.
Father I give You this friendship and pray that Your divine purpose be fulfilled! Increase our faith in You, and each other as we follow You. As You will let it come to pass. Forgive us when we do things not pleasing in Your sight. Help us to govern ourselves in the way You see fit. Help us to always keep You first. Be ahead of us as we move forward. Be behind us, so that when we look back, we only see You, and no longer the pasts we left behind. Be above us Oh God that we keep our eyes fixed on You. Shine Your light at the path that we travel, and help us to remember Your word is the light that we can direct ourselves by. We thank You for Your grace and mercy and my Savior Christ, in His holy name Amen

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