October 11, 2019

It’s actually the 12th now and it’s about 3:47 pm. I started to write yesterday and then I just didn’t. I feel like I’m losing myself in Instagram right now. My whole reason behind Saltofthaearth was to make money. I knew that I could do it. All I have to do is be myself and people will fall in love 😍 It’s especially beautiful when I share my writing and others dig it! That’s the cake!! You know? I give you a pass to a piece of my soul. In return I get likes and compliments. More followers more attention some notoriety and ultimately income.

The blog is where I started my healing process. I named it Reinvention of Self ,because I planned to fight through the pain with my words. Just like the labor and delivery of my children the pleasure I derived from the beginning of my marriage would cause my spirit the hardest pains I have ever endured. I started with just talking as if to one who would be interested to hear what happened to me. As I wrote the posts I realized that I had a lot to say.

I met someone online. He is like me in many ways. Very intelligent and very beautiful. I don’t say handsome because I don’t think it expresses what I see. I behold a true beauty. A flawless complexion and a face chiseled to the golden ratio. I became enamored. He was born in 1995 the same year as my son. It was 90 days to the day. I have most of it still in my devices . The experience changed or rather awakened something within that was forced into hibernation. I’ve always been creative when I’m happy I produce. I’m a believer now. The youngsta did something to me that is the woman you’re getting to know. The blog started with my divorce, shrinking myself by creating Saltofthaearth a Dr FeelGood

You didn’t have to wait to see my walk

to know that intimate thing about me.

I offered it in written word.

Clothed with humility still offered in vain.

Not a futile type but the sort of conceit,

cause I been told too many times that I am

🎵🎶 Your my baby

My lover, my lady

All night you make me

Want you it drives me crazy

I feel like you

Were made just for me babe

Tell me if you

Feel the same way

Cause it just feels so right

I don’t wanna waste no time

If I had to choose I know

I’m going always choose to be with you

Cause girl don’t you know

Girl don’t You know your so beautiful

I wanna give all my love to you girl

Not just tonight but the rest of your life

I wanna be always here by your side🎵🎶

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