Love at first sight

Well it’s taken 49 years and to my delight

I think l believe in love at first sight 👀

At first glance I ‘d mistook for younger sib

Following my misspoke I then realized the ad lib

It was a simple mistake so I just let it go

When I discovered big brother had some swag of his own

I call myself a sapio and most don’t understand

a richer standard must be met

In order to raise my head

My mission began in 2017

when I could no longer bear

the abuse I endured

In a farce of a marriage afraid of gods wrath leaving there

I’m a bit behind in some of life’s lessons and I know it’s ok

Cause each person I meet

has something for me

to take as my own

When we part ways

Rather a lesson or blessing

The choice is mine

I can pick

A red or blue pill

Dreaming or woke what do you think is dope ?

I’ve run out of words to spill😉😉🤔

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