It never rains in Southern California

So a few days ago, I am putting my clothes away straightening my room. I love listening to music, especially while I clean. It’s the most mundane of chores and while I despise cleaning, I despise filth even more!

So I’m singing along and it occurred to me what the song was about. The song says, “It never rains in Southern California.” My brother James always made fun of the lyrics because we both know that it does indeed rain in Southern California!

This particular day as I sang along with them I thought about you, and I entertained the idea. Feeling a little silly to type it because as far as I can tell right now it’s just a song and the lyrics are just a fantasy of mine. What it must be like to be have someone where nothing ever happens to dampen the joy of it all.

Now I can’t sleep at night without your 8×10 by my side.🎶

Saying and singing along with Raphael Saadiq I thought to myself,”He’s really saying that he wants to be by her side, because there he doesn’t have to worry about anything”

🎶We don’t have to go too far just as long I’m with you cause they tell me🎶

That day will come for us to be together I’m not worried bout a thing Not even stormy weather🎶

I always assumed that he was singing about being in love with a girl in Southern California.

Call me slow, but now I’m thinking it’s more about being with someone who helps you see the sunshine and doesn’t cause it to rain. I thought about you telling me that you’re real, and with that I think to myself could you be my very own Southern California? Too soon to really know, but I am inclined to contemplate the possibility. At this point in my life I believe it’s simple. If you share the same goals, (mine is to grow old with someone who adores me) and a willingness to achieve those goals together you can live in Southern California where it never rains! Ttyl

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