Dear D

August 15, 2019 9:04 am

August Greene- Optimistic

My dearest D,

I pray this letter finds you well and in good spirits. My day started off ok and then Adrienne reminded me of the significance of the day. “Alina would have been two months old today” she texted me at 6:54 am. I acknowledged receiving the message and went on about my morning. As the time passed I became more upset. It was then that I realized that I was so busy being the rock for my daughter that I neglected to mourn my grand baby. All the kisses that I won’t ever get to give her. I won’t get to see her toddle around learning to walk. It hurts more so, because I have 4 grand babies that are alive and well but I am not allowed to even see pictures of them. I’m sorry D I do have a point to this.

The postal service now has a program called ‘Informed delivery’ essentially all pieces of mail that come through your local post office to be delivered to you on that day are photographed and emailed to you each morning. While I was crying and discovering why I was feeling so sad I received my informed delivery notice and there was a picture of your letter addressed to Vanity!! When I saw your handwriting it brought a smile to my face. And seeing that you addressed it to Vanity gave me a chuckle! 😂

I appreciate your friendship and correspondence. It’s a better feeling to interact with you with admiration in my heart for you and a genuine love for the young man that you are. I have no expectations of the future for us and this way I am comfortable to just enjoy us and hopefully help shine a little light on your situation. I imagine receiving letters from those who love and care enough to reach out to you is a highlight in your day. I’m grateful to be one of those people and I am honored that you want me to be. I’m going to stop here and I will respond to your letter this evening when I receive it. Talk with you later D! Much love 😘

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