I gotta shrink myself returns

🗣It’s been a little while since we visited Salt. With about one half the summer gone, and fall semester approaching we find her on Dr.FeelGood’s couch in tears speaking unintelligibly.➡️

DrFeelGood : Okay slow down Salt! I can’t understand anything that you’re saying!

🗣Salt sits up in the couch and sniffs up the mucous in her nose produced from her sobs, and clears her throat➡️

Salt: It came to me in one flash! I was standing in front of the kitchen sink, and like you see in the movies when the character has an aha moment! All the fragments of the memory rush together on the winds and blow in sync towards my psyche!

DrFeelGood : What was it Salt?

Salt: He took advantage of me and betrayed my trust!

DrFeelGood : Who? Who took advantage of you? Betray your trust? Salt, if I am to help you. Which is why I assume that you’re here after?

🗣DrFeelGood tilts his side and looks up towards the ceiling. With one eyebrow raised he muffles calculations under his breath.➡️

DrFeelGood : “That’s March 7th 🗣 doc says in a sing a song way➡️

Salt: “There were altogether 3 encounters. In each encounter I noticed something strange but chose to ignore it. Over an 24 month period, amongst each encounter was a clue!”

Salt: “Not until today have I let my mind go over each detail that I chose to ignore, and I am left with the fact that he videotaped us having sex without my consent, or knowledge. I deserve it, because I chose to allow the details I noticed 🗣 a square shaped black bag that he set on the table just across from the bed➡️ to pass.” My mind is reeling! I’m summoning re-enactments from my memory banks to re-examine the other encounters, and I am horrified! ➡️

Salt: How could I let him steal from me? He took my husbands ring the first time I left him alone in my room! I figured it out the same day!

🗣I invited him again, and he came in and sat his things on the floor in just the right way in order to see me. I noticed it, but I was more desperate for affection than dignity, so I ignored it. 😞

DrFeelGood : “What makes you say that Salt?”

Salt: “Another time, I invited him in, and this time he was sure to keep my face, and ass in the field of view. This way everyone he sold, passed onto and allowed to view could witness him fuccing me! I’m sure that if you care about my humanity one bit you wouldn’t watch it because it’s clear that I am unaware that I am a minor porn star! But the type of person that he is hangs around people like him, and they have no soul. They probably want to fucc me too, and for those not forward enough to ask me themselves, they settle for his video!

🗣After some recollection and humiliation of the realization that I was shamefully displayed fuccing this monster of a human being unwittingly my mind begins to go back even further! ➡️

DrFeelGood : Tell me about your recollection?”

Salt: “I remember it was the summer right after my departure from the worst relationship of my life! I actually escaped it for 20 years, but I got so far off track that bricks and mortar and money became more important than flesh and bone.”

🗣Right now as I am living my life with that experience behind me I am learning that I must pay attention to the details. I must not allow people who are not trying to be good to me, but instead are taking advantage of my kindness or weakness into my life!➡️


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