June 15, 2019

I’m writing this letter in anticipation of you reading it but right now there is no way I know that you will.

She is beautiful just like I knew she would be. Too beautiful for this ugly world and Boo I know your pain. If I could I would bear it all for you. Because of you my weak and broken faith speaks to my spirit and I know there must be a God! You risked your life to celebrate the love of motherhood with me. You know that while I am guilty of many things, malice is not in my heart. I am so grateful to have you in my life and I don’t feel like I deserve to have such a beautiful child. I hope to make you proud of me and I pray that you have every happiness in your life. I know that you would have given your life for hers if given the choice, but God decided that you were to be spared. Baby girl is now safe from harm and the rest of us must press on in honor of her. Your daughter would want you to be happy and I believe that you will because you are strong enough. I am anxiously waiting to hear that you are safe and the news cannot come soon enough. I love you and I admire your strength. I know that you were hurting for your baby but you didn’t let on to keep the rest of us calm. You can lean on us. We are here for you and I understand the struggle of grief all too well. We will get through this together. I pray that your body will heal and you recover completely in the name if the Almighty amen.

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