Unspoken prayer

I was driving home today after visiting my cousins home and I had left her house with such dread. She was watching a scary movie and it was a disturbing movie to me. I witnessed a masked man repeatedly stab a woman in her torso right outside the glassy home of a deaf woman who because her back is turned she doesn’t hear or see anything happening. She has no idea that she is next!😱 😳👀Fam!!? Please don’t make me watch this! 🤦🏽‍♀️🙈 😂 Pretty soon (within seconds) I turn my back to the TV but it’s too late! The torment has begun‼️🆘My pulse rate increases and I feel a knot in my chest!😱 The panic predicts disastrous ideas! “There has been a good amount of time since you lost a loved one!” The suggestive energy vibrates into my gut resting itself where my soul resides. This disgusting individual tries to mimic a divine energy and convince me that I am having a glimpse into the future and I see someone precious to me die violently‼️I may be a warrior in a fallen state. Perhaps the deepest valley of my lifetime, but I know the divine energy that resides within the recesses of my lungs. No other voice can sound the same! I wrestled with the idea and called my girl. She answers the phone and I say “Talk me off the ledge girl! 🙈. 💪🏾🙏🏽💯🆘She says “It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be and God is in control!”

It’s why they say name above all names, the alpha and omega, the head and not the tail! Above only and not beneath! The one living and breathing divine energy that goes by many names and what is true for you is the name that you call which gives you a dose of what you’re ailing for🌹🙏🏽 So as I’m struggling with the feeling of dread for something that hasn’t even happened I hear a voice inside that says “You have the power to command that tormenting spirit to leave you and he must obey!” #selfworth💯 #myspiritualjourney #warriormindset #speaklifequotes #saythatagain #commandcenter #spiritualized #bondageart #writingistherapy #poetessofig #writerscircle #energyiseverything #pye #nameaboveallnames#infpproblems #infppersonality #introversion #introvertproblem #unspoken #tonex

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