I went out to my car to leave for school and I got in and turned the key and all I heard was crickets!! I thought about you and how you said that I can do anything I put my mind to. I figured it was a simple fix so I popped the hood. I don’t know jack about cars or crickets but I gotta can do attitude! I grabbed some tools and went to work! I tapped the square thingy by the half circle contraption and tried to start the engine. Still. Crickets πŸ¦—. Baby said he believes in me. I gotta believe in me too. Putting my brain power to work I get the idea πŸ’‘ I know what I can do! Ill mix up some breadcrumbs and sugar and this should do. I can get my car to start by putting my mind and faith in too! I mixed up my potion and set inside the hood of my car. An hour later I returned to get on my way to school. My key turns the ignition to start up the engine and it bellows it’s typical punch! I also got a new set of pets in the form of some fat crickets still sleeping off their lunch.

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