A practice in ambiguity

He tilts his head to gauge the distance between him and the sirens

Suddenly breathless, with lightness in his chest he searches in the dark

He jumps at the shattering of glass breaking and he opens the door

He enters the house

In the darkness

He feels around for a chair

As he wanders through the house

He runs into a character with flaring nostrils baring his teeth

He asks the character “what are you doing here?”

The character tells his story while cracking his knuckles clumsily

The two of them notice

a fat cat appear with goodies

They greet him and all 3 begin to consume the goodies

First guy perceives a strong odor and

All 3 notice the sirens have stopped

While listening for something to happen

In the piercing silence they hear the floor creaking

One of them calls out into darkness

A bodiless voice answers and they

Notice a light come on in another room

The 3 of them move curiously in unison towards the room where the light is coming from and…

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