Dear Friend

it’s said that you are what you eat! Better said, I believe, you become what you consume… this is tried and true for me. I’m certainly not old, but very well seasoned and therefore sound in my minds perception of life love and appetite. To write that list and take a moment to ponder the idea I needed to because something in that spoke out. My mind is in an elevated state as of right now and sometimes, when I’m like this, ideas, images,words,inward reactions, thoughts, memories all clutter together in the same moment or two like pulses of electricity, flashes of luminosities, bursting like fireworks and my fingers cannot keep up! And I go off on a tangent like that! My bad! Forgive me? 😟 Anyway back to what I was saying about how what you feed your mind determines your appetite. I think, no I know without a doubt that I have feasted beyond the definition of gluttony on the subject matter that is you! Dangerously. In one thought anxiety tries to interfere with ludicrous fantasies of what ifs? The very next thought is one of fearing only to continue with the life that I have lived up to this point before I knew you and that is the epitome of all that is evil. Mwah 💋

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