Wake the baby

🎶In the calm of the night’s glow

Down the hall in the room alone

The baby

Sleeps so peacefully

Of pieces of dreams

Only to be awakened by

Momma’s sound

Daddy’s sound

When he around

Oh, won’t you come

With me to wake the baby

The baby

The baby

The baby

In the still of night

The baby

Sleeps so

Silent, only to be

Awakened by




Oh, won’t you come

With me to wake the baby

Oh, woo, woo, woo. 🎶Dwele song “Wake the baby”

The tone of the keys being played,

in concert with the lateral sweeping of the brushes across the head.

rhythmic exhalations of notes coming through the brass.

melodic vocals floating in the atmosphere give rise to my imagination

In my minds eye your arms envelope my waist and encourage my body to fold into yours.

Ying and yang. Your key. My lock.

A perfect fit. No copulating. Not there yet. Taking time to trip the light.

To explore the possibilities.

To enjoy the moment.

Preparing to execute the choreography of the finest coition.

Locating the spots A, B and G.

As the crooner performs the aria verbalizing my erotica.

Don’t move too fast!

Refusing to go through as if to race.

What is there at the finish line but a yearning to be back somewhere in the middle.

Cut from a different  cloth.

The type to stop and smell the roses.

Slow but determined to get to the end taking the ultimate scenic route.

Roaming amongst the curves and softness of the feminine physique

Phallus finds his flower,

Ripened, ready and sweet


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