You’re a stupid bitch!

I got a dm today, in it a person who wishes to remain anonymous called me a stupid bitch. My first reaction was to question myself and then I remembered all of the years of being held captive to others opinions of me.

Even to the point of my own detriment did I try to be everyone’s friend! Where did that get me? Absolutely no where AND miserable. Baby, whoever you are I thank you for sharing your unsolicited opinion of me! It reminded me of how far I have come.

You are entitled to your opinion and I have the right to accept it and wear it like a big heavy cape OR I can reject it and continue to be kind to myself knowing that I am not deliberately doing stupid stuff to hurt others like you are. #💪🏽 #heal #loveyourself #bgty #imalligot #iloveme #stupid #stupidisasstupiddoes #forrestgump #spreadlovenothate


  1. Name calling is a form of verbal abuse and it’s not acceptable. Don’t get affected by it, turn away from bullies. You see, bullies are insecure people trying to manipulate or dominate others to somehow fill their own emptiness. They are the saddest people on earth, actually.
    The Catalyst

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