The low roar of my 4Runner

warming up. I never saw

it new, and it never did

sound the same after

the driveline and bad U-joints


The barrage of my alarm tone is

always startling and


not at all a rumble– in effect,

only noise.

The rumble, but NOT

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble.

I’m not a fan of

Michael Buffer on the mic or

the ring of painful

thuds and thumps.

The embarrassing gurgle of

my stomach that precedes

my hangry — fair warning

those Snickers commercials

weren’t lying.

The unmistakable vibration

of my belly laugh

as a kid blows a

loud, wet raspberry

on my cheek.

A snapshot of time,

told through the senses,

Just another short

story for the ears.

Nilsa Cubiascanas

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