Girl crush

I look at you and quickly look away

Attempting to avoid the idea, of

This capricious force that draws me near

my peace Your energy disturbs

It is said to be wrong

For me to feel like I do

That opposites should attract

But you and I are the same so tell me,

How should I react?

what is it about you that changed the game

Is it your face or is it the frame

On which you stand?

It Is the way you speak and carry yourself

Androgynous and yet, projecting femininity

Out front and I suspect, you know exactly who you are and how you feel about

The way they dictate one should be

Who you can love and how

It’s this thing I’ve got 4 you and now

I know the deal

sexuality is a fluid concept

This vibe I’m feeling is real

You may never know the affect you place

Or how for you my heart does race

So young and naïve Id fear

for you the worst

if you’d be so kind as to let me in

My love would feel like a curse

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