Words unspoken, thoughts revealed


I wake up everyday and before too long

You invade my thoughts with vibrations so strong

I cant make sense of it

Your hold is so tight

I refrain from accepting when temptations invite

You said it plainly then

And shot straight from the hip

The goal is to own me with no relationship

I heard what you said and

It sounds good to me

my chronic independence wont let me be

Im not built for marriage

And Introversion is key

I thrive in my alone time,Productively

Other people distract, especially males for me but

Im drawn to your mind and

The operations that be, you

Have managed to ensnare the sexual creature in me

Anothers advance?

my psyche wont do

only with you, I dance

I lie in wait for the chance

blow my mind, leave me entranced

You own me body and soul, but that

intensity of energy,you

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