I gotta shrink myself (session 5)

DrFeelGood : It’s another great day in the neighborhood! How are you today my lady?

Me: Hey doc! You’re pretty chipper this morning!

DrFeelGood : I am always excited for Friday especially to see you Salt!

Salt tilts her chin squints her eyes to look at DrFeelGood and replies: Why is that doc? Am I the hardest nut you’ve had to crack?

DrFeelGood : My patients aren’t nuts, or crazy Salt. You just need a little help and are smart enough to ask for it.

Now today you are supposed to have prepared a grocery list right?

Me: Yes a list of what I don’t have and won’t find in a man! 🤦🏽‍♀️

DrFeelGood : Well you certainly won’t with your mind already made up. You must be open to the possibility Salt.

Me: Been there. Done that. Now I’m here with you doc!

DrFeelGood: What do you mean?

Me: I been open to possibilities and everything that could possibly go wrong did! I been married three times and I’m convinced there’s no good possible outcome. Everyone is looking out for themselves.

DrFeelGood : There is hope for you Salt. Let’s examine those three marriages and see if we can find what went wrong.

Me: My first marriage didn’t end in divorce. He died in a car accident.

DrFeelGood: That wasn’t a failure on your part. That was an unfortunate thing that happens everyday.

Me: Which is why I don’t understand why people don’t care more about love when they have a real relationship. They have something real and throw it away!

DrFeelGood : Let’s talk about marriage number two. Was it your failure as you see it?

Me: Marriage number two is complicated. We share responsibility in that failure although, I took on more of that responsibility in the beginning than I should have maybe.

DrFeelGood : How’s that Salt? Start at the beginning.

Me: We met when we were teenagers. I was naive. He took advantage. I followed him to his other girlfriends house and dumped him. He charmed me into letting him back in and we kept up the song and dance for a while.

DrFeelGood : Well whats your take away from that failed marriage?

Me: Don’t expect a cheater to be faithful.

DrFeelGood : So everybody who cheats will continue to cheat?

Me: Yep! Once a cheater always a cheater.

DrFeelGood : I don’t like cliches but a better one is to expect the unexpected.

Me: You’re right about that doc! I don’t expect men to do much else.

DrFeelGood : It’s better to not place expectations on someone. You should have a conversation early on about what you want out of the relationship.

Me: Isn’t that code for expectations? Sounds the same to me! This is what I want from you and/or this is what I expect?!

DrFeelGood : Well Salt there is a difference and we will revisit that next week.


  1. I did not yet finish reading this post yet, but I do get the feeling that if the good doctor is not careful, he may inadvertently make the client believe he likes her, or he himself may really be catching feelings (if I remember correctly it is called transference 😉)

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