I gotta shrink myself (session 3)

DrFeelGood: Hello Salt! How are you today?

Me: I’m here! Ready for next level healing! Let’s go!

DrFeelGood: That’s good! Shall we pick up where we left off?

Me: Ok doc. You were telling me something about learning to fish?

DrFeelGood: That’s the idea. You were to examine your idea of the roles in a relationship and accountability.

Me: Oh yeah. Well basically he does all the heavy lifting and I keep myself pretty.

DrFeelGood: Could you elaborate? We determined that a mans role in a relationship does not mirror the role a fathers to his daughter.

Me: Yeah I get that, but how is that the man is not to mirror the role of a father but I gotta mind him like he my daddy?

DrFeelGood: What do you mean Salt?

Me: You said I needed to be accountable to him. I don’t understand how that is important but I don’t get whatever I want?

DrFeelGood: (Shaking his head)What I meant about accountability is that you both should respect and govern your behavior in a manner that enriches your relationship.

Me: Isn’t letting me be the boss enriching the relationship? Happy wife. Happy life right?

DrFeelGood: Letting you be the boss is not respecting him. Your partner should not only have a voice, you should want his input.

Me: (Rolling her eyes) I have yet to find someone who I wanted their input on what I want to do! I have tried in the past to accommodate them, but they want to do dumb stuff like go golfing!

DrFeelGood: I never suggested that you be accommodating! That’s what you do when someone is in need of something you have. Your lovers wants and needs should interest you. If it’s something like golfing that you don’t necessarily enjoy then you don’t have to participate in that.

Me: I don’t know doc maybe I should give up on finding a mate. Maybe I am not built for relationships!

DrFeelGood: No I don’t believe that is the issue at all. Humans are sexual beings. Our bodies are built for relationship and equipped for procreation at the very least. You gotta have a little familiarity for that!

Me: That part doc I don’t think I need help with. The physicality of relationship I am proficient in!

DrFeelGood: I believe that you should stop looking for a mate. Focus on yourself. Examine your role in previous relationships and try and step outside of yourself to see what you can from your partners point if view.

Me: Uh okay I’ll try but I don’t see how this will help me with my loneliness. I just need to find someone that wants what I want.

DrFeelGood: What do you want Salt?

Me: To be treated like a queen! I will not accept anything less.

DrFeelGood: I know that you are not a lost cause, but in order to be a queen you either gotta be born of a king, or you have to marry a king! A queen has many duties she is expected to perform and she is subordinate to her king.

Me: Subordinate? That sounds too close to submission! I’m not doing that!

DrFeelGood: Well we got some work ahead of us and I am grateful for the end of today’s session. Homework is to research duties of a queen unto a king. See you next week Salt.

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