A dear diary entry

I’m at work waiting for the next task to become due. My work duties come in small sections of times. I cook for them and I wait. I get them up and I wait. I clean up after breakfast and I wait for them to leave. Once they are gone I clean up their rooms and then I am done here. So, I read blogs that I follow while I wait. I scan Instagram. I study on quizlet. If I am really bored I look at Facebook (not my favorite).

I’m looking for inspiration and creative energy like mine. I love the small community of followers that I have discovered and those who discovered me on WordPress! I feel like I am getting to know my extended family. I hope to continue to meet new people and learn more about writing, and myself.

When I began my blog it was to have an outlet for all the noise in my life! Especially, the noise in my brain lol! Now the goal is to pick through it all, and find what is valuable and good for consumption.

Tomorrow is Friday another day for self reflection or what I termed as “shrinking myself.” Thats turning out to be the craziest thing I am doing because I don’t plan ahead for what I will say or do. I just sit and have an honest conversation with myself! If you read til the end have a great day family!

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