My followers I love you

img_0178Oh, Sweet Word Addiction you’re the tip of the top, and one swipe to the right.

Looking like you look u belong in the spotlight!

A Crook’sEyeView appears as passive aggressive and looking as such

He’s really a cool dude, he doesn’t get out too much!

When MissVanilla is on the scene, you know her rhymes can be mean.

Following @marvaseaton who tell us hope is that feeling. In times good and bad you’ll catch her kneeling!

Now for my guy srijan, I would do all that I can.

Cause he’s got nice friends like jesbinjohn and BetulErbasi that will hypnotize y’all with what fun they call.

Writing New York bestsellers like Kristie and Mark. They’ve got skills in literary art.

If you need to relax you can listen at SoundAnytime and they will flex

see em put together the best reading of words you’ll be so impressed!

Writers are indeed the best!

But better still, you haven’t lived until, you run into my amigo, the Word Hunter tho!

He’s dope and plays for keeps, similar to that one ill guy iLiKeShEep. Leecoppin be poppin and his flairs is fly

Like, That new guy IkePaz who likes jazz

and he’s a bit below my girl Poo jaG who hustles for dough

Natalie I dig that you drop by it’s cool to converse

About revistatrascendiendo, and how they rehearse.

For poetry night antoncrace and sherissaeafropunk deliver their act.

They show up and show out with their vocab stacked.

Wordsmithing and spitting rhetoric like few do.

Ilonapuliananauskaite I might faint from pronouncing your name, but girl you my gurl it’s good to see you in the game.

CelebrityNewsPW keeps us onto what is going on out there, while Alexander and Best Tongkat takes turns up to bat deciding what jacket to wear.

ManessahB. Is hot and deserves her own spot

to grant the new ranks of future heir,

Her highness is dope

with hair so long, and skin so fair

The homies Gareth and observationblogger hang in the back just checkin the scene

They spot Charlie and The Cat’s Write, producing a Shakespearen sonnet

With Paul and irevuo trying to sing a duet.

The teach is sweet as rabidoak and pretty predictable you see?

He asks if that makes sense more times in a week
than there are grains of sand in the sea
poemsbypoorvi are the best you really should give em a glance

Look them up if you get the chance

while youre in that bend look up Christian
he last is Mihai
not sure if that ‘i’is long or short so I will to avoid to say
I might ask my friend johncoyote or RTW the way
to JordanPeters or constancebourg
house Ive heard they’re filthy rich
To royalehemp and LucidBeing

They look unhitched
Dr Damon, Shreya and Raul will do a barber quartet
joining with Marcel Rus to blend the notes to perfect

Qasir journals with ease
in his Godly Chic Diaries
Was it his FracturedFaith that he put away
while he blogged about stilllearning2b
simple Ula or Bogdan in the Alchemist trial
for the sweetest elixir to read.

You gave my propoganda a look and look what it took!

I’m charmed to express my thoughts in a digital book!

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