Cyber crush

I can’t help but laugh at myself when I grin the cheesiest grin cause I see your icon come across my screen. In cyberspace the language is its own. Likes are like hello waves. Shares are like a whats up nod! In that space we show up in digital media expressing a comical quote or #wordsofwisdom for the day.

In my feed I see the regulars doing regular stuff on a regular day. Then you come through and suddenly the regular fades away to make way for extraordinary to burst onto the screen 📺 I got it bad for you and I don’t doubt it that you know! You charmed me out of the main feed and pulled me into the dms. Got my inbox so open I may drown should a nice rain come through! I’m open to downloading what you got for me! Bring it on daddy! Post your best meme. Share your most precious thoughts. Click the link in my bio and connect my frame to yours. Let’s be friends and if you follow me I will certainly follow you back to where you keep the best shit. That elevator to the stratosphere type shit! You got me tagged in the heart 💜 and it’s tugging at my timeline.

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